The Babajanyan Art Academy is for individuals who really really really want to be artist’s and are prepared to go through the arduous journey in order to get there. If you’re ready for that journey then you’ve come to the correct place.

Before you contact us, visit the About the Academy page and read more about us, along with the Student Expectations section. If you still feel that this is the place for you then give us a call, come see us in person, and bring along your work.

We’re all about that artist life here!

Current Schedule and Tuition

Classes are divided into two parts: the age of the student and hours per class. We have 2 hour classes, 3 hour classes, and 4 hour classes. These hours aren’t available to all students. Ages 8-11 are only allowed 2 hour classes. Ages 12 and older have all three hour slots available, with the exception of the 4 hour Advanced Studies class.

If you would like to enroll in two classes per week, the second class counts as a separate class with its full tuition due.

We provide the majority of the supplies for our students. However, brushes, sketchbooks, and specialty items a student might need will have to purchased by student or parent.

The Monday class is for students who need to work on portfolio’s for college admission. This is also an advanced class with lessons specific to those portfolios. I am very particular about who I allow into this class. Students need to show a lot of dedication to their work in order for us to get the required portfolio pieces complete.

This a 3 HOUR class.

Hours: 5-8

Tuition: $350 per month

There are two classes during this time slot. Please specify which class you are enrolling in when applying.

Sculpting Class with Mrs. Anna

The sculpting class is available for students 10 and older.

Traditional Art with Mr. Alex

The art class with Mr. Alex is for students between 10 years old and 12 years old.

Hours: 5-7

Tuition: $250 per month

The Wednesday class is for students 12 and older.

There is a two hour class from 5-7 and a three hour class from 5-8. Please specify the time slot you are enrolling for as the tuition for each is different.

Two Hour Class

Hours: 5-7

Tuition: $250 per month

Three Hour Class

Hours: 5-8

Tuition: $300 per month

The Thursday class is for students 13 and older.

Hours: 5-7

Tuition: $250 per month

The Friday class is for students 13 and older.

This is a 3 Hour class.

Hours: 5-8

Tuition: $300 per month

The Saturday class is for students between 10 years old and 12 years old.

Hours: 11-1

Tuition: $250 per month

Academy Policy

1. Tuition is due on the first of the month! All tuition must be paid by the 5th of the month, the latest, before it is considered late and marked on a student’s record. Continuous late payments will result in a students termination from our academy. Timely tuition payments are crucial for our academies daily operation and its success. A payment reminder is sent to all parents on the first of the month. If payment isn’t received by the 5th of the month, another reminder is sent. There are no refunds for tuition!

2. Tuition is due for all students, regardless of how many classes they will attend. Paying tuition by how many classes a student will attend is not allowed. It is a students and parent’s responsibility to makeup a missed class. Missed classes must be made-up within the following month.

3. A student who continuously misses class will be expelled from our academy. We care deeply about the education we provide; each class is important. We can’t teach a student who isn’t present in the class. Please be responsible and don’t waste our time or yours. 

4. Students must be picked up on time! We’re very understanding of parent’s who are running a little late, however, there is a limit to how long we can wait. If a student is picked up late on a consistent basis, we will have no choice but to terminate that students enrollment. 

5. If a student is going to be out of the academy for more than a month, half of the tuition must be paid each month the student is gone in order to keep their place in the school. We don’t save a students place unless half the tuition is paid while they are gone. Once a student leaves, their place in the academy is filled immediately. There are no exceptions to this rule! Space is very limited!

6. We have a strict “NO CELL PHONE” rule in our academy. Cell phones have become the number one reason why students cannot focus in and out of the classroom. The effects of these devices can’t be overlooked. At our academy, cell phones are taken away from students and are inaccessible until close to dismissal. If a parent needs to reach their child, they can contact the school. If a child needs to contact their parent, then we will provide them with a phone to use. 

Art is Life!