At the Babajanyan Art Academy, we are committed to providing high quality arts education to all students, to inspire them to have a passion for creative expression, and to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary, in order to prepare them for an extensive range of artistic careers.

Located in the heart of Glendale, California, the Babajanyan Art Academy was founded in 2015 by professional artist, Alexander Babajanyan.

At the Babajanyan Art Academy, students will learn the basic principles of art and design as well as the necessary lifelong skills to foster their creative and intellectual capabilities through rigorous instruction and high expectations.

Students will become proficient in the four basic concentrations of art: practice, theory, history, and critique. Through practice, students will enhance their abilities to draw and paint, master the proper use of tools, and understand the chemistry of their materials. Students will also study artistic theory as it relates to the aesthetics of art and design, color theory, and composition. Students will learn the history of art and how it has been used to change the world; moreover, they will learn how it’s used in our everyday lives and can be found in all of our surroundings. Through proper communication, students will learn how to evaluate and provide constructive criticism of themselves, their peers, and others, by using knowledge gained from practice, theory, and history.

In addition to their artistic skills, students will gain other valuable life lessons that will help them excel both in school and beyond. Through art, students will learn principles in math, anatomy, biology, chemistry, and history. Furthermore, students will learn self-discipline, patience, respect, responsibility, and will gain confidence in themselves and their work.




The Babajanyan Art Academy takes art and art education very seriously. I teach art with a lot of passion, love, and commitment. I expect my students to appreciate and value that by showing the same passion, love, and commitment. There is no exception to this rule.

Students are expected to give each project their utmost care and attention. These projects are all thoughtfully put together in order to enhance the skills that students need to become better artists, and hopefully, one day, professionals. The lessons and skills are there for the taking; what matters the most is how dedicated a student is in acquiring them. Artistic skill and knowledge cannot be obtained from inadequate effort; it requires extreme and lifelong dedication.

Periodically, students will get homework to do outside of the academy. This is essential and should be given priority; there is no exception to this rule. The homework given, whether it be vocabulary, reading, or artwork, is designed to give students crucial information on art and its many components. If a student doesn’t prioritize this, then I’d ask that they question just how much they want to be an artist. This may seem harsh, however, being an artist is a difficult and arduous career to take on, and is even more harsh to maintain. As they say these days, the struggle is very real. It’s important that students understand this in order to make good decisions and achieve the goals they set for themselves.

The most important expectation that I have for my students is that they continue to practice outside of the classroom. I’d be lying if I told you that I, alone, can teach students everything they need to know in order to be a great artist; as I said, this is a lifelong journey. Most of the learning is going to happen outside of the classroom, when students take their education into their own hands. It’s very simple really: practice makes perfect. The more a student practices and puts themself in an artist’s mindset, the quicker they will learn and advance. This has been proven time and time again.

Students should also have many sketchbooks. Sketchbooks at home, in their backpack, sketchbooks for travel, all sorts. And they should practice drawing and painting anything and everything in them, as often as they can.

Everything you just read is not a Babajanyan Art Academy rule, it’s THE rule. It’s what’s expected from all artists, including me.

Parents, please know that there are expectations for you as well. I expect you to fully support and motivate your child. This chosen path is arduous and will test the best of us. Having support from the people who love you most goes a very long way, and in some cases, can make or break a young person. Please motivate them and join them on their journey. Consider yourself lucky to be immersed in a creative environment. I find it to be the most fulfilling in life.

Best of luck on your chosen journey,


 – Mr. Alex