Dear Students, Parents, and Friends,

One of the most important things in life, above all else, is to be a kind human being. Kindness can mean many different things. One of the greatest ways of showing kindness is by helping the people of your community. In order to do this, we’ve started our very own charity art drive to help support the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Art and Therapy Program.

The Art and Therapy Program, formally known as the Mark Taper-Johnny Mercer Program, is a 100% philanthropically funded program. This is an amazing program that provides children at the hospital with Art, Music, and Dance/Movement Therapists, Artists in Residence, and volunteer community artists. As a volunteer art teacher at a local orphanage and a public school teacher, I can attest to the enormous impact art has on children, especially children living in extremely difficult situations.

The Art and Therapy Program at the Children’s Hospital is always in need of donations, whether it is financial or material. Our charity art drive deals with the material needs of the program. Every year, we collect various art supplies that the program depends on, and donate them to the hospital during the holiday season. In the past, we’ve collected boxes of art supplies and dropped it off a few days before Christmas.

This year will be our SIXTH YEAR organizing the charity art drive for the hospital. We are hoping to collect even more supplies than last year and to provide the art program with a lot of the supplies they depend on. Please help us reach our goal by making a small donation of one or more of the art supplies requested below. If you choose to make a donation, you can drop it off at our academy or have a student or friend of our school drop it off.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness in supporting this wonderful cause.

Please read the letter we received from the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for our 2017 Art Drive.

Letter from CHLA – Art Drive 2017